As an independent inspection body, ACEG will carry out an objective investigation and report on any asbestos-containing materials (ACM) on your premises. Following the survey, all this information is presented in one clear, digital document.

What is an asbestos survey?

An asbestos survey is a report that locates and identifies all asbestos-containing materials in a building.Such asbestos surveys may be either destructive or non-destructive in nature.The type required for an asbestos survey certificate is ‘non-destructive’. Did you know that from 2022, when selling a property such a report is mandatory if the property in question pre-dates 2001. Moreover, from 2032, every owner of a building built before 2001 must be able to present a valid asbestos survey certificate, whether or not the property is for sale.

The result is an asbestos survey certificate

An asbestos survey certificate contains the results of the asbestos survey for a specific building. It notes which materials or building components contain asbestos, the condition of these asbestos-containing materials and how to remove or manage them safely for normal use of the building. This certificate is then added to the “Woningpas” building passport for residential dwellings. That way, buyers know where asbestos is located within the building and can take appropriate measures.

Buildings in which people are employed

Furthermore, every owner of a building where staff are employed is obliged to have an up-to-date asbestos survey report available.The survey must be repeated annually. These regulations also apply to any common areas of a house in multiple occupation with a managing agent appointed by the co-owners’ association.

ACEG: certified asbestos experts

Only certified asbestos surveyors are qualified to carry out an asbestos survey that will result in a valid asbestos survey certificate. These surveys are performed by means of an on-site building inspection. The surveyor adheres to OVAM’s rules for standard inspection protocols. The inspection protocol for asbestos surveys describes the standard procedure and therefore, how to carry out an asbestos survey in order to obtain a valid asbestos survey certificate. The surveyor then submits the inspection data via OVAM’s web application. Based on this data, OVAM issues a valid certificate.

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