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Elvis has left the building. We didn’t.

At home in all building and construction markets: a building audit, a living quality study or a demolition monitoring plan? You (re)build it, ACEG checks it. We provide a reliable total overview of the status of your property. Fast, efficient, thorough, complete and with all the necessary legal advice.

Building Audit

As a property professional or building manager, having a complete overview of the status of the fire safety, collective heating systems and electrical installations of your property is a must. During an ACEG building audit, we check the applicable legislation against the status of your building, which we will review with you. Our expert will analyse everything on site and look at the interpretations of the legislation in the building. A comprehensive report will then be prepared.

Living quality study (Codex Living)

A living quality study is based on the rules and defects list of the Codex Living. ACEG can provide services for private individuals, professionals and public institutions. A report always consists of three parts: the building section, the living area and the occupancy standard. If defects are found, they are assessed using the “penalty points categories” list. In the context of obtaining a certificate of conformity, this examination is valid for 10 years.

Condition measurement NEN 2767

A condition assessment NEN 2767 is an originally Dutch standard for the independent condition assessment of construction and installation parts, without operational tests. It forms the basis for structured reporting of the defects found during an external visual inspection. Each defect found is evaluated according to three parameters: severity, size and intensity. In addition to the condition score, there is also a risk assessment of the defects.

Demolition monitoring plan

When buildings and structures are completely or partially demolished, materials are created that can be reused or recycled directly or after processing. This is only possible if we selectively demolish buildings and structures, a necessary and useful step towards sustainable materials management. An ACEG expert draws up a demolition monitoring plan in accordance with the guidelines in a standard procedure approved by Ministerial Decree.

RESCert heat pump inspection

Since 2017, the premium for the installation of a heat pump or solar boiler for sanitary hot water has been linked to a quality system. To be eligible for the solar boiler or heat pump premium, you can call on an ACEG expert who, in possession of a RESCert certificate of competence, validates the proper execution of the installation. You will then be eligible for the premium.

More than just an inspection

At ACEG, you don’t just choose an inspection body. When you choose to work with ACEG, you choose quality, efficiency and trust. Day in, day out, our experts are on the road to make Belgium a safer environment.








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I’m very satisfied with the services provided. ACEG not only helped me to get an appointment quickly, but the inspector who visited was also very helpful. Our installation was completely safe. The inspector himself took enough time to explain a few things to us so that we now know how to proceed safely if we have to hang a lamp. From A to Z a 10/10. You can count on this company!

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