Check whether your fire detection installation meets the legal standards? Do you need professional advice regarding efficient evacuation drills? Looking for a fire risk analysis? Ensure optimal fire safety thanks to the expertise of our ACEG specialists.

Fire detection and fire-fighting equipment

In many cases, a fire means serious damage, both material and human. To minimise the risk of a fire, you are required to have your fire detection system and fire-fighting equipment inspected in your company by a recognised inspection body such as ACEG. Smoke, alarm, extinguishing and heat extraction systems must be used correctly and send or receive the correct signals. It is also important that everything works in the event of a power outage.

Evacuation drills

The purpose of an evacuation drill is to enable a quick and efficient evacuation in a real emergency situation. ACEG organises a fire evacuation drill in your company, whether or not unannounced, and then draws up an expert report with advice on how to improve existing procedures and fire safety infrastructure.

Advice when drawing up a fire risk analysis

As an employer, you are legally obliged to guarantee the safety of your staff in the event of fire. You must therefore be properly informed about the measures to be taken and be aware of the possible risks. Is your building properly protected against fire? Are the fire safety measures in your company organised efficiently? Our ACEG expert provides professional advice after the full inspection of your buildings and the materials at your disposal.

Preliminary inspection of tourist accommodation fire safety standards

Fire safety is one of the essential conditions that all tourist accommodation in Flanders must meet. The accommodation decree therefore stipulates that every operator of a holiday home must have a fire safety certificate. During a preliminary inspection of fire safety standards, our ACEG expert thoroughly examines your holiday home in preparation for the fire safety certificate imposed by that accommodation decree.

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I’m very satisfied with the services provided. ACEG not only helped me to get an appointment quickly, but the inspector who visited was also very helpful. Our installation was completely safe. The inspector himself took enough time to explain a few things to us so that we now know how to proceed safely if we have to hang a lamp. From A to Z a 10/10. You can count on this company!

Valérie Ruiters