Natural gas and other types of gases have different, vital applications. A recipe for disaster? A gas installation that does not work properly. Do not take any risks and choose ACEG as a partner for all types of gas inspections.

Natural Gas Inspection

The inspection (or reinspection) of your gas installation is important to detect possible gas leaks and thus prevent fire and explosion. By checking the heating installation, we can also detect in good time defects that lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. This inspection is also legally required for opening the gas meter and when expanding any gas installation. Our ACEG expert checks whether the installation has been carried out in accordance with the applicable standards.

Propane and butane storage areas

If you want to use a storage area with a fixed holder for propane or butane, you are required to have an inspection report. Our ACEG expert checks the condition of the holder and the safety system. Further follow-up takes place via a five-yearly periodic check. If the relevant legislation is fully complied with, ACEG will draw up the certificate required for operating the propane or butane holder.

Installations with propane and butane gas

During commissioning and afterwards on a periodic basis, you must have your installation approved for propane and butane. Our ACEG expert checks the gas pipes and gas consumption devices, together with their facilities for combustion gas discharge and air supply. The space in which the installation is set up is also thoroughly checked. In addition, a measurement determines whether the gas line is 100% leak-tight. This inspection reduces the risk of fire, explosion and CO poisoning.

Smoke Gas Analysis for central heating

Poor combustion can cause dangerous defects, a chimney fire and even CO poisoning. In addition, a boiler that is not properly adjusted leads to a higher energy cost and is also bad for the environment due to the extra, unnecessary emissions. ACEG measures and analyses the combustion gases (including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen) of your boiler. This inspection is mandatory, after which you receive an inspection report with all the results.

Heating audit of boiler units

A heating audit is a thorough examination of your heating installation, looking at its efficiency. Also examined is whether the size of the boiler matches the heating requirements of the building. The owner of a central heating boiler is required to have a heating audit carried out regularly. Our ACEG expert also checks whether it is more interesting to replace your central heating unit with a newer model.

Medische brandvoedende gassen in ziekenhuizen

It is vital that installations for the distribution of medical fire-nourishing gases (such as oxygen, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and gas mixtures with more than 22% oxygen) function perfectly. A thorough inspection by our ACEG expert includes leak-tightness testing of these installations. We carry out these mandatory inspections upon commissioning and also as periodic inspections (annually and every three years). This is the case, for example, when the installation is under gas pressure.

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