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Want to involve an external environmental or safety coordinator who assists you both technically and legally in organising your activities in an environmentally conscious and safe manner? Need a zoning file? Here too, ACEG makes the difference for you and your organisation. We are in this together!

Environmental coordination

Depending on their qualification in the VLAREM II classification list, companies have the legal obligation to appoint an environmental coordinator to monitor the impact of a company on the environment. In the latter case, choose an external, recognised ACEG environmental coordinator who has all the right qualifications to offer you both technical and legal assistance and to organise your business activities in an environmentally conscious and responsible manner.

Safety coordination

The safety and well-being of your employees on a construction site is of crucial importance. Often, accidents on a site are due to shortcomings or incorrect choices in the initial design. Risk prevention when selecting certain techniques or processes is therefore one of the core tasks of a safety coordinator. To perform this important task, you can rely on an external ACEG safety coordinator, who monitors the construction process from start to finish.

Drawing up a zoning file

Every space in a company where there is a potential danger of the formation of an explosive atmosphere must be mapped out and divided into zones. This is done by means of a zoning file. The provisions for this are laid down in the General Regulations on Electrical Installations (AREI). Measures can then be taken within each demarcated zone to reduce or eliminate the risk of explosion. ACEG employs experienced specialists who can draw up these zoning files for you.

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I’m very satisfied with the services provided. ACEG not only helped me to get an appointment quickly, but the inspector who visited was also very helpful. Our installation was completely safe. The inspector himself took enough time to explain a few things to us so that we now know how to proceed safely if we have to hang a lamp. From A to Z a 10/10. You can count on this company!

Valérie Ruiters