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Never test how deep the water is with both feet.

Water is the driving force behind nature. Keep your drinking water and rainwater of optimum quality and choose ACEG as a partner for the inspection of storage tanks, water installations and sewers.

Inspection of storage tanks

As an operator of aboveground or underground storage tanks of dangerous liquids, including for example fuel oil, you are legally required to have these inspected both on commissioning and periodically in order to guarantee compliance and safety. A leaking unit can seriously pollute the living environment. However, the regulations for tank inspections in Flanders and Wallonia are different for both underground and aboveground tanks.

Water inspection

Water installations in Flanders are inspected because hygiene in the water supply is very important. The purpose of the checks is to prevent potable water from becoming polluted and contaminated. An inspection of the water system is mandatory when opening a meter, or with a significant extension or modification of an existing installation. Our experts examine, among other things, whether there are completely separate drinking and rainwater systems and whether the correct safety devices are fitted to the taps.

AquaFlanders is responsible for water inspection.
If you are not satisfied with an inspection carried out by an inspector authorised by AquaFlanders, we encourage you in the first place to enter into a dialogue with us. If you still do not obtain a satisfactory solution, you can submit a complaint via the AquaFlanders website (

Sewer inspection

In Flanders, rainwater and contaminated water must be discharged separately to ensure that the water treatment plants function optimally. It namely works better if the dirty water is not diluted by rainwater. A sewer inspection is mandatory for new construction, renovation, the construction of a separate sewer system on the public road and at the request of the sewer authority.

More than just an inspection

At ACEG, you don’t just choose an inspection body. When you choose to work with ACEG, you choose quality, efficiency and trust. Day in, day out, our experts are on the road to make Belgium a safer environment.








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I’m very satisfied with the services provided. ACEG not only helped me to get an appointment quickly, but the inspector who visited was also very helpful. Our installation was completely safe. The inspector himself took enough time to explain a few things to us so that we now know how to proceed safely if we have to hang a lamp. From A to Z a 10/10. You can count on this company!

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