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ACEG can assist you with the inspection and approval of a wide range of attraction and playground equipment. Count on our specialists to advise and assist you with regard to safety at events and football stadiums. Let’s ride together!

Amusement parks


Amusement parks with attraction equipment are popular leisure centres. Operators of these parks are responsible for the safety of the equipment they offer. They must carry out the necessary checks and make arrangements so that there is no danger to the user or bystander. The complexity of attraction equipment contributes to the need for an accurate risk analysis, preventive measures, inspections and maintenance of equipment.

Playgrounds and playground equipment


The safety of children playing must be guaranteed as much as possible. The operator of a playground is responsible for its safety. Therefore, mandatory legal provisions have been drawn up around this. Our ACEG expert checks playgrounds and their playground equipment according to the provisions of this legislation. You can therefore contact ACEG for verification and the necessary assistance so that you as operator comply with all standards and laws.

Football stadiums


Every football stadium must meet legal standards. For example, the electrical installation must be inspected annually by a recognised institution. Our ACEG expert carries out this inspection and, after a positive evaluation, issues the necessary inspection certificates. The organiser of a competition is obliged to take all necessary precautions to prevent damage to persons and property, including all practical measures to prevent misconduct by the spectators.



The organiser is responsible for (also preventive) safety at an event and must take all precautions to guarantee the orderly conduct of the event, to guarantee the safety of the visitors and to minimise hindrance. To this end, you can count on the experts from ACEG who can assist you with the inspection of a wide range of important matters involved in an event.

More than just an inspection

At ACEG, you don’t just choose an inspection body. When you choose to work with ACEG, you choose quality, efficiency and trust. Day in, day out, our experts are on the road to make Belgium a safer environment.








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I’m very satisfied with the services provided. ACEG not only helped me to get an appointment quickly, but the inspector who visited was also very helpful. Our installation was completely safe. The inspector himself took enough time to explain a few things to us so that we now know how to proceed safely if we have to hang a lamp. From A to Z a 10/10. You can count on this company!

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