Then choose a building structure without headaches. During construction, there are many requirements that you must meet. Among other things, you must comply with the EPB standards, for which you have several installations, they must also comply with certain standards, and that’s how we keep busy... This is where ACEG comes in: our ACEG experts inspect all your installations and help you meet these standards. ACEG has a milestone system and can therefore systematically monitor all technical installations during the site so that no more problems arise with deliveries.

For which checks can I contact ACEG?

  • EPB
  • Ventilation system
  • Gas checks
  • Electricity
  • Lifts
  • Safety coordination
  • Lifting devices
  • ...

No matter what type of inspection it is, ACEG is an accredited inspection body that assists you at all your construction sites.

How do we proceed?

1. We will visit you to check your construction site2. Approved? ACEG provides you with the inspection report3. Let your construction project run smoothly

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