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Construction companies / Contractors

Do you want fewer headaches at your sites?

As a construction company, you are always subject to certain requirements and obligations at every site. We often hear from customers that it used to be a very tiring process before all inspections for these requirements were in order. That’s why our ACEG experts step in to assist. We help you with all the necessary inspections and certificates for your site so that you no longer have to worry about this.

For which checks can I contact ACEG?

  • Lifting equipment
  • SCC inspections of equipment
  • ...

No matter what type of inspection it is, ACEG is a recognised inspection body that assists you at all your sites.

How do we proceed?

1. We will visit you to inspect your site2. Approved? ACEG provides you with the inspection report3. Get your site up and running smoothly!

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