General Terms & Conditions  ACEG

The present General Terms & Conditions determine the
respective obligations of both parties with regards to the activities supplied by our services.
Unless waived in writing, the present general terms & conditions apply and exclude all other


All information obtained during our inspections is confidential

During all inspections under accreditation, the standard ISO/IEC 17020, which is imposed on the
inspection bodies, will be applied and respected.

The necessity to disclose enquiries will only be allowed after written approval from the client

The disclosure of confidential enquiries is permissible in case of specific requests from authorised bodies BELAC, FPS, … and or services working for the client.

Our inspectors may be accompanied by external inspectors from the authorised government, BELAC, and inspectors have the right to review the file.

Compliance with the confidentiality of information, the independence, impartiality and integrity of our staff is under permanent supervision through our internal quality control system in accordance with IEC 17020.

Normal activities and deliveries

The subject of our intervention regards all of our services that we deem necessary for the correct execution of the inspections and which have either been agreed upon between both parties or which have been proposed by us and accepted.

Implementation modality

The inspection requests are submitted together with all technical and/or administrative documents necessary for the preparation of
the inspection.

Normal daily activity consists of 8 working hours that take place between 8 am and 5 pm, from Monday to Friday, excluding legal holidays.

All necessary facilities are provided to our inspectors in order to allow them to correctly carry out the inspection.

The inspections are exclusively performed in circumstances suited for correct execution: lighting,
shelter against weather conditions and general safety and hygiene at work.

Changes in material, device or installation that make changes in safety aspects during use must be
notified to our inspectors before the inspection takes place.

The client guarantees to provide the following :

Regarding necessary documentation for the correct execution of the inspections at the time of the inspection, at least the following documents:

The schedules and plans of the installation, the voltage and nature of currents, the composition of the main circuits, the place and characteristics of the safeguards that guarantee interruption of the main and distribution circuits, the list of different electrical boards and schedules, external factors of influence, the implementation schedule for earthing (only for high voltage), the attestation of competence
(BA4/BA5), if applicable, the conformity report during commissioning, any earlier periodical reports and, if necessary, the calculation reports for the installation

The access formalities and permits, the guidance for our inspectors, providing guidelines to the inspectors that need
to be respected in the visited installation and provision of the safety equipment necessary for this installation with regards to the specific risks in the company.

The client must provide means of access so that we may carry out our task in an efficient and certain manner.

A technician who ensures safety, i.a. for the control of a device that needs to be inspected.

The materials to be inspected, including the testing and/or calibration pieces.

The scaffolds,protective equipment and different safety equipment in accordance with applicable standards
and regulations.

The necessary power provision, in case devices that need to be supplied with power require it.

If applicable, water provision.

A space in which our inspectors can carry out their administrative activities and store their inspection equipment.

A sanitary installation that is freely accessible to our staff. These permanent or location installations include: cloakroom,
refectory, washing area, toilets, etc.

The inspection of an installation, materials or device is carried out on visible and accessible parts at the time of the inspection by ACEG vzw. There will be no permanent removal by our inspectors.



Our prices are excluding VAT.

Reasons for surcharges to all provided activities :

  • Administrative costs ‘handling invoice’: 3 EUR
  • On Saturday: 50% extra
  • Between 6 pm and 7 am: 50% extra
  • On Sundays and holidays: 100% extra

Prepayment – Attention! The certificates are only sent after receipt of payment

Under reservation, our prices are adjusted according to the provisions in our quotation.

Payment conditions

The invoices are to be paid in cash. .

The client will have no grounds to call on to refuse or postpone payment of the invoice, such as a delay regarding invoicing, a revision of the price or a dispute.

The payment of the invoices takes place exclusively between the contracting parties. In case of payment delay, we maintain the right to suspend our activities without notice of default, and to resume activities after regularisation of payment, except after notification to
the contrary by the client.

Non-payment of (a part of) the invoice legally leads, without notice of default, to:

  • An increase of 20% of the total sum owed as collection compensation, and this
    increase is at least 50 EUR.
  • Charging the client an interest rate of 1% per month, calculated
    from the expiration date on the unpaid sums.
  • In case of intervention of an external collection agency as a consequence of non-payment, the extra costs will be borne by the defaulting party.

In case a cancellation of an inspection is requested less than 48 hours before the planned appointment, an administrative fee of 85 EUR will be charged.


The parties commit to carry out their obligations in accordance with the current general terms & conditions and the special conditions of the quotation or the contract that are applicable for each enterprise.

Except in case of explicit agreement, our activities are limited to the inspections and investigations that belong to the exclusive authority of authorised inspection bodies.

A delay in the execution of our inspections for any reason does not provide the member with the right to demand compensation.

. Our liability is limited to 5times the value of our fees with regards to the damage event. In case our liability were to be withheld, this would not exclude the liability of others (contractor, client, architect, technical consultant, …).

Each default and/or complaint must necessarily, under penalty of being rejected, be submitted by registered letter with confirmation of receipt, within the month after our activities.

If it were to be determined that we failed in our mission, as described in the contract, we obligate ourselves to carry out the mission again at our own expense, within a time frame that would be considered normal for the nature of the activities that are to be
carried out.

Non-compliance with the terms takes place under penalty of expiry of the right to invoke our shortcoming.


In case of periodic inspections, our contracts are established for a period of at
least 5 years and tacitly renewable. Interruption of a contract by one of the parties must be
notified to the other party by registered letters, three months before the final date.


All disputes arising with regards to the present agreement will be settled under Belgian law. Only the courts of Leuven will be competent.

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